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A serial entrepreneur since the age of 16, Felipe Matos has over 25 years of experience in the field of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. He has already supported the formation and development of more than 17 thousand startups, and in the direct attraction of more than R$ 1 billion in investments, as an investor, accelerator, mentor, public policy manager, teacher, speaker, consultant and writer.

He is currently founder and CIO of the first neouniversity in Latin America, Sirius, which trains and accelerates talents in the areas of technology. Additionally, he is currently President of the Brazilian Startups Association, VP of the advocacy group Dínamo, columnist for the newspaper Estadão, angel investor and advisor to several companies and initiatives in Brazil, LATAM, and abroad.

His professional journey is intertwined with the evolution of the innovative technological entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. Among some professional passages, Felipe Matos founded the first startup accelerator in Brazil, Startup Farm, as well as directed the first public program to support startups in the country, Start-Up Brasil. He was also a co-founder of the Instituto Inovação group, the corporate and open innovation consultancy Inventta, and the venture capital manager Inseed Investiments, currently part of KPTL. He is also the author of the book 10 Thousand Startups.

Some initiatives

Some initiatives that Felipe Matos founded and led over the last 20 years:

Founder of the first neouniversity in Brazil, focused on the innovative training of technology professionals, with active learning methodologies.

President of the biggest Latin American association of startups.

Founder and vice president of the advocacy association and think tank for proposing innovative pro-entrepreneurship public policies.

Director of the first national public program to support digital startups in Brazil, from the Federal Government, internationally awarded.

First accelerator of digital startups in Latin America.

Co-founder of a pioneering business group in innovation, with arms in corporate consulting, open innovation and venture capital.

My Social Medias and Content

Blog and Estadão Column
Book 10 Thousand Startups
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Some partners and clients

Governo de Minas
Banco do Brasil

These are some of the dozens of companies and institutions that have carried out projects with Felipe Matos in recent years, through different initiatives that he co-founded and led.

Talks and Projects

Entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems

What it is, how it works and how to develop an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, capable of creating successful innovative startups and technological ventures.

Startup mindset and Digital Transformation

Startups are fascinating organizations with their own characteristics, which give them flexibility, speed, agility and greater capacity for innovation. Many of these characteristics can be observed and adapted to other organizations. These are topics such as agile management models, validation via MVP, team management in squads and tribes, incentive systems, ways to deal with failures and risk. These characteristics have placed these companies as protagonists in the digital transformation process.

Digital technology has been transforming products, businesses, processes and experiences everywhere. I help people, companies and organizations to understand the bases of this transformation process and to position themselves with them. Topics such as exponentiality, connectivity, artificial intelligence, Big Data, IoT, corporate venturing, among others are addressed.

CACACA and the future of work

Technological advancement is reshaping the future of work. Professions are being replaced by algorithms as new jobs are created. The future of work will have several fundamentally different characteristics from the current model and we need to prepare for this transition. CACACA is an acronym created by me to describe the 6 main skills needed by workers of the future: Creativity and Autonomy; Collaboration and Adaptability; Connection and Affection.

Neo-university and the future of education

The education system has changed very little in recent decades, while we are experiencing a true technological revolution. The neo-university concept proposes a new way of educating and learning, more connected with the trends of the future of work and the market employability needs. Teaching based on creation rather than consumption, hands-on learning with real projects, multiple careers and non-linear curriculum are some of the characteristics of this new model, spearheaded by new digital native schools such as Sirius College, which I co-founded.

Venture Capital and Investments in Startups

The emergence and growth of startups has been enabled and driven by the venture capital investment industry. This type of investment, which has already contributed more than ten billion dollars in new businesses in Brazil in recent years, has a series of dynamics and characteristics of its own. If you are looking to raise investments for a startup, think about investing in one, or are interested in this subject, this topic is for you.

What I Learned Accelerating and Supporting 10,000 Startups

The process of building a successful startup can be explained and structured in a few steps. In this topic, I share several valuable lessons learned about the entrepreneurial journey, in points such as team building, business model validation, product construction and investment capture, among others.

Diversity and Innovation

In my journey as an LGBTQIA+ person I have always sought to learn more about diversity and its importance in promoting more innovative organizations. In addition to being a way to promote inclusion, equity, social justice and good ESG practices, diversity improves the quality of work environments and expands the wealth of repertoires and worldviews, generating more innovation and, consequently, more value. Diversity has many facets, be it gender, ethnic-racial, sexual orientation, age diversity, people with disabilities, among others. I share my experiences and best practices for the inclusion, especially of women, black, brown and LGBTIQA+ people, in innovation ecosystems.

Corporate venturing: paths to corporate innovation

In this topic, I share learnings about corporate innovation processes, with many mistakes and successes in the way of building and implementing innovation strategies and approaches by corporations, large and medium-sized companies. I deal with topics such as corporate venturing, venture capital, incubation and acceleration of startups, creation of areas and environments for innovation.

Consulting and Special Projects

I carry out special consulting and support projects for startups, companies and organizations that support entrepreneurship.

Among the topics covered are the development and acceleration of innovative entrepreneurship ecosystems, relationship programs and startup acceleration, design of corporate venture strategies.

For startups and companies, I act as advisor and mentor, and participate in councils as a board member.

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